"Tell them to use their money to do good. They should be rich in good works and generous to those in need, always being ready to share with others."  1 Timothy 6:18

Change the World

Change the Wold (CtW) is an ongoing effort to move the church beyond the walls of our

sanctuary, and a passion for using our money to do good for others. We have

established a brand new ministry we are calling "Change the World."

CtW uses gifts (money over and above the tithe) to give to charities, non-profits,

and organizations that are in the business of helping to make the lives of other....better.

Once a quarter, we identify a different group of people from the church body to decide

where to give a monetary gift that has been donated by people with a passion for helping

others. It is that group's responsibility to deliver that gift, and bring back a video report of the organization, and how the money is helping, or changing the lives of others.

Every tax-deductible gift that is given to CtW will go toward changing someone's world for the better. Stay tuned for video testimonies of where and how we are working together to....Change the World.

CtW has a committee of 4 people overseeing its operation: Pastor Greg Shelton, Dave Wilson, Elizabeth Roberts and Shelly Allsopp. You may make a donation to this new ministry by depositing your donation in the globe in the front of the sanctuary, or by giving your donation to Pastor Greg. We hope to have an online donation option very soon.

Change the World is proud to announce a $2000 donation to Joshua's Great Things out of O'Fallon, Illinois. To learn more about this great organization, visit their website at www.Joshuasgreatthings.org.