We Connect Youth - Groups meet at 9:30am Sundays

3, 4 & 5 Year Olds

Bob & Charlotte Pankey—Room 104


K, 1st & 2nd Grades

Lindsey Hernandez, Shela Page & Miriam Ziehm—Room 103


3rd & 4th Grades

Emily Skibo & Emily Goldsberry—Room 102


5th & 6th Grades

Eric & Nicci Haney—Old Prayer Room


Jr High (7th & 8th Grades)

Brian & April Minor—Blue Room


High School/College

Mark Minor—Upper Room


We Connect Adults - Groups meet at 9:30am Sundays (Class list for 1st Quarter 2017)

How to Have Joy (Philippians)

(Room 206-Norma Webb, Leader)

This group will use Paul's Epistles to the Philippians as a platform for studying how to have joy, even in the midst of difficult circumstances.


Exodus & Leviticus

(Room 204-Jack Denham, Leader)

This is a quarterly formatted group that centers on different books of the Bible each quarter.  


The Greatest Life of All: Jesus

(Room 202-David Goss, Leader)

Following the thoughts of Charles Swindoll, we will have a clearer understanding of Jesus' place in history. Even more, we will seek to know Him personally & deeply.


Yeah...But How?

(Fellowship Hall-Bob Pankey, Leader)

How do I have accountable relationships with other Christians? How do I hear God speak? How do I move deeper with God? There's a difference between understanding Truth and knowing how to implement it into our lives! This group will dive into practical discussions on how to implement various truths from God's Word!


Ladies Class

(Pastor Mark’s Office-Desra Lindeman, Leader)

This ladies group brings discussions and topics each week that are pertinent to our practical lives. Come listen in or actively engage in the discussion.


The Hebrew Language

Library–Andy Ahlfeld, Leader)

This group will be an introduction to the original language of the Jewish people and the Old testament.

A Case Study on Your Story of Faith

(Helps Building North - Erik Tindle, Leader)

Your personal story of faith is the greatest tool you possess to impact the world around you for Christ! This group is a discussion-based class centering around your story and how it impacts those you come in contact with...based on the life of Joshua from the OT.

How to Rock Your 20's for Jesus (Young Ladies)

(Helps Building South - Tammy Head, Leader)

You're in transition...out of school...out of your parent's house...into a career...into marriage...into motherhood. It's time to WOMAN UP! Change can be both exciting, and difficult to balance. This class will help guide you through the transitions and help you become the Woman of God you were created to be.